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How to Get Around Prospect Objections (Video)

You are guaranteed to face objections when prospecting for new business. Any of these sound familiar?

  • I am busy right now.
  • What is this call in regards to?
  • I am not interested.
  • We already use somebody for that.
  • We are not looking to make any changes.
  • We do not have money to spend.
  • Just send me your information.
  • We do not have money to spend right now.

You will face those same objections again and again. And you can add to that list a few objections that are specific to your business.

What do you do when those come up? Do you know how to respond and what to do in order to not get completely shut down?

If you are not sure, check out this training module on how to get around prospect objections. It will provide a methodology that you can easily implement that will give you clarity on exactly what to do when any objections come up.

By simply improving your skills in this one area, you will immediately improve your results.


Michael Halper

Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.

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