3 Proven Ways to Make Your Body More Attractive (The Body of Your Content)

Good content has one goal…to engage the reader.

A secondary goal is to deepen the “know-like-trust” equation in customer relationships. Good copywriting using the principals outlined in this guide are a proven contribution to sales growth. Avoid the high cost of hiring a professional copywriter when you learn these copywriting lessons well.

Part 4 of the 5 Part Guide
Principals of Writing Effective Web Content

The first two posts of this guide were about the importance of good headlines, bullet points and white space. The third segment covered topic selection. This post is about the body of the content. Sales growth comes when you move the reader toward a purchase…let’s keep them reading the body of your content.

Without Emotions You Will Miss Sales
You are interested in sales growth. You know that people “Buy with emotions, then justify with facts.” Countless copywriting studies have tested this concept over and over for more than a century. It never fails to ring true.

Learning what emotions lead to sales in your business is not easy. You must spend time getting to know your ideal customer to speak to them in a way that evokes emotion. Try this online tool to find emotional triggers that will lead to sales growth.

Revise and Re-adjust so Your Message is Clear
A friend of mine is a PhD in English and former professor at LSU. She claims that “There is no such thing as good writing. There is only good re-writing.” Even when you draft a short email, take the time to read the email one more time before you hit send. When you are succinct and clear to make the message fully understandable, it saves time and aggravation in the long run.

Anything less than a carefully crafted message leaves room for misunderstanding…or the reader may click away. Use bulleted lists, or better yet, make emails short and only cover one topic. Otherwise, in our busy world, the recipient may fully intend to respond.

However, if they perceive your multi-topic email time-consuming and they put it off for another time. You may think you are saving a little time by shooting off a quick email. Instead of sales growth, your rushed message will often result in a total waste of time.

Use a Golden Thread
Have you ever listened to good friends chat? They will often flip and jump from subject to subject. They leave other participants clueless about the topic being discussed. While good friends can get by with this manner of discussing lots of topics – YOU CAN’T. Good friends have a powerful “golden thread” and it is the deep relationship and time-proven history.

When you are talking to prospects, you cannot afford to wander off your very specific sales path. When you re-read your content like suggested in the section above, look for anything that strays away from the point you are trying to make in your content.

Be ruthless in eliminating information that does not lead the prospect through your sales process. A great way to keep from wandering from one topic to the next is to start with an editorial calendar for your content. With a copywriting plan, you accomplish two things.

1. You will have a global vision of how you will guide your prospects into becoming customers.
2. It is easier to stay “on topic” when you know that you will be covering a subject in another content piece.

Many things are involved in copywriting that leads to your desired level of sales growth. Take the principals and apply them one-at-a-time. Soon you will see an increase in revenue and it will be worth it.

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