Interviews from Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2014

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Leadership Summit was a great event so we thought we would provide a summary of what took place and provide some sound-bites of people who attended.

Probably what stood out the most was the quality of content and variety of topics that are extremely important business drivers for not only inside sales professionals but external ones as well.  All sales managers are faced with growing sales, recruiting good talent and accelerating the sales process.

The theme throughout the event was on leadership and training.  The guest speaker Lieutenant General (Retired) Dan Christman spoke about how values still matter.  It’s nice to see that with such a competitive economy that the best leaders of today still display characters such as trust, integrity and respect.

Beyond this there were many break-out sessions well worth attending.  Here were some of the topics covered in the conference:

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales Automation
  • Motivating your Team
  • Social Selling Tools
  • Sales Management Best Practices
  • Recruitment
  • Sales Acceleration

One of the best vendor activities was at the KnowledgeShift booth.  They were running a role-playing contest at their booth with our role-playing simulator Mobi-RolePlay™  and selected 3 winners who scored the highest.   This technology application was very impressive.   It’s designed to create customized automated role-plays.  Attendees could select from 1 of 3 role-plays to test out their selling skills.  The role-play most selected was trying to sell hair care products to Ron Burgandy from Anchorman — very funny.

Here are some sound bites from people who attended the conference.