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5 Things to Convert Visitors into HOT Prospects

Your web page looks amazing, and you have tons of visitors. You feel like you’re ready to take the world by storm with your product/webpage, and are immediately willing to get into the nitty gritty of internet marketing.


But, before you go out and become the next “big thing” trending on the internet, there is one thing you have to consider – “How do I convert my visitors into prospects?”. Better yet, “How do I convert my visitors into HOT prospects?” Did that catch you off guard? Having an amazing looking website and having a lot of traffic going through your website is entirely different than having a website that converts visitors. Are you fretting now?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are five tips for converting your visitors into hot prospects!

1) Know your Audience

Are your visitors blue collar workers? Are they teenagers? CEOs? Urban? Knowing your audience is a key factor in determining, well … just about anything! Knowing what audience you’re trying to attract and what audience you end up bringing in will heavily impact your marketing, wording and outreach strategies. You’ll find that marketing and converting isn’t a catch-all process. You have to cater your website to your largest and most effective clientele.

2) Know how your product sells

How does your product sell? Is it a fast conversion? Is it a slow one? Does it take one page to sell? Does it take two pages? How much content does a user need to be ready to buy? Knowing how your product sells will help you plan an appropriate marketing strategy.

For smaller things like Tax Services and Locksmith Services, you’ll more than likely have a one page conversion/sales system.

For bigger things like Home Exterior Remodeling, you may require more than just one page, and you’ll surely require more interaction with the customer, whether it is via personal contact or a content heavy webpage.

It’s important to adjust your strategy accordingly. You don’t want to do a five page sales process for macaroons, and you don’t want to try a one page sales process for a brand new car.

3) Have a Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Propositions are important. They tell the customer exactly what makes you different from other companies. If you’re doing it right, a Unique Selling Proposition will tell the customer exactly why they should choose YOU over any other competitors.

There are a lot of different angles you can approach this with. For example, you can choose to state that you’ve been in the business for a long time, and they should hire you for your valuable experience. Or, you can state that you’ll do the project cheaper with just as much care and quality as the competition.

Whatever you decide on is your Unique Selling Proposition.

4) Confidence and Credibility

You may be wondering – What is Confidence and Credibility? How is it difference from a Unique Selling Proposition? Wouldn’t any confidence or credibility that I choose to give to the customer be an extension of the Unique Selling Proposition?

Well, you’re both right and wrong. Confidence and Credibility will add to your unique selling proposition, but it is very different from it.

Think of it like this. Doctors need to be board certified. Being board certified isn’t a unique selling proposition though, it’s a requirement. That is what lumps it into the “Confidence and Credibility” section. It builds … you guessed it – Confidence and Credibility!

Other things that build Confidence and Credibility are any certifications that you have which are relevant to the conversion at hand, reviews, and project portfolios. These all exist to give the customer enough “confidence” to convert, and to give you enough “credibility” for them to convert.

5) Call to Action

This is the most important tip. A Call to Action is the single most important thing you must have. If you were to have a webpage with only ONE thing and one thing only, it should be a Call to Action.

Without a call to action, you simply cannot convert anyone. Nothing will happen!!

The product you describe on this page is great! Where can I sign up? Oh I can’t sign up?

*Instant Sales Loss*

Without a proper call to action, you can’t convert people into anything let alone hot prospects or even customers.

The product you describe on this page is great! Where can I sign up? Oh, I just noticed your tiny “Sign Up Here” bar hidden in the menu after five minutes of scrutinizing your webpage! I don’t think I’ll sign up anymore because I am frustrated.

*Instant Sales Loss*

It’s important to have calls to action, and when you have calls to action, it’s important to have them done RIGHT. The bigger it is, the better it is (with moderation of course). The more attention it draws to itself, the more a customer will notice it and want to follow what it says. The easier it is to sign up, the more a prospect will finish the process and properly convert.

So remember. There are many things you can do to convert visitors into hot prospects. Keeping these tips in mind when you design your website and update your content/etc will help make sure you get the most out of your web real-estate.

Chris Burres

Chris Burres is the owner of E-Webstyle. He has been an entrepreneur since 1991 when chris-burres-ewebstylehe started a Carbon Nano-Materials manufacturing company, SES Research. In 1999 with a graphic design partner he opened E-Webstyle, a website design and development company. Chris started honing his search engine optimization skills in 2001 for a select few projects. It was 3 years later when E-Webstyle started offering the service of 1st page search engine placement to their clients.

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