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Decreasing Costs with Sales Outsourcing

In the course of fine tuning your sales strategy, you may evaluate whether sales outsourcing should be part of mix of tools and resources. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach, of course, but one of the big benefits is that you can cut down on costs when you outsource sales. It is a very safe estimation that you will improve the company bottom line by transferring some sales department responsibilities to a third party and here are three factors that can influence that.

IT Costs
One of the initial things you may do when hiring a sales person is to gather all the necessary IT equipment and systems required. This could include a PC, desk phone, mobile phone, tablet device, etc.When you outsource sales, you eliminate the necessity for providing this equipment.

In addition to the actual equipment, you must also consider the software, services and IT support involved, which can also drive up the overhead cost for an internal sales resource. The a typical sales person in today’s world, they will need plenty of software, as well as internet and mobile phone service plans, access to help desk support, and more. Using an outsourcing provider can nix these costs as well.

Workspace related overhead is another component that can boost costs for your organization, but the good news is you can decrease these expenses as well through sales outsourcing. Every employee needs a dedicated workspace of some kind.

If working in a formal setting, this may end up incurring costs for real estate, office furniture and office supplies. By giving sales responsibilities to an outsourced service provider, you can easily avoid all of these costly workspace overhead expenses.

When you outsource sales, you will also outsource the management of frontline sales resources and this is another cost and one that is often easily overlooked. The outsourcing company can handle all the minutiae of day-to-day management of sales resources, leading to a decrease in the amount of time and cost it takes to provide a layer of management over frontline selling resources.

Training and Recruitment
You can always count on some level of sales staff turnover. It’s simply the nature of the business. As such, you’ll spend significant time and resources on recruiting new hires and then training those new employees on the sales processes you employ.

When you let an outsourcer tackle these time-consuming sales activities, you can cut down on the amount of time and hassle this involves for you, as well as cut costs for the bottom line.

When you employ full-time sales people, you have to pay them benefits and healthcare. This can get pretty costly, especially since the price of healthcare is skyrocketing. When adding this to your sales team’s regular salary and commission, these costs can become astronomical. When you choose to outsource, however, you are essentially hiring another organization to do the work and you are no longer responsible for this cost. This is a good way to boost your overall cost structure.

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Michael Halper

Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.

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