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Simple Steps to an Active Social Media Community

Fostering an active and engaged social media community takes more work than many businesses recognize. Social media cannot just be something you put on the back burner, or occasionally take part in. It needs to be a consistent part of your marketing strategy for you to reap the rewards. At Social Mojo, we can take the reigns here and come up with a plan of action that represents you well. Visit our website for more info. Here are some of the best tips for engaging your fans and followers, and building that online community buzz!

1) Be Relevant
Posting relevant content is crucial. If people are looking for you online, it’s important that you give them something relevant to look at when they find you on social media. Incorporate interesting facts about your industry. Discuss new products in a succinct but grabbing way. Find the balance between making things relevant and making them interesting. Both can co-exist!

2) Be Responsive
Make sure you take the time to respond to your fans and followers when the comment or engage with something posted. In doing so, you reaffirm your awesome customer service, and can even gain another appreciative client. Stay attentive, and check in on your social media accounts often so that nothing – and no one – gets swept under the rug.

3) Be Reaching
Reach out for responses. Reach out to your followers and fans with questions, or posts that require interaction. Encourage sharing, reposting, retweeting, etc. so that your content reaches new eyes. Bottom line? Figure out how to incorporate a subtle but effective call to action in your posts, and you’ll be seen and heard by many.


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The Importance of a Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that social media can be a powerful tool when building a new business or fostering growth in an established one.  In today’s world of smart phones and tablets, a majority of consumers engage in online research before making purchases. What does this mean for your business? It means that a solid online presence is a must if you want to attract new leads and convert them into loyal clients…and one of the best ways to do this is through social media. Here are some of the specific reasons a social media marketing strategy matters.


When your business has active social media engagement, you are able to personalize the experience for your followers/fans. This shows them that you are never too big to hear them out and respond, or too busy to attend to a special request. It also means that these followers/fans feel like a part of your team, which increases the likelihood that they come to you when a relevant purchasing need arises.

Your social media presence also helps with your company branding. It gives your business a personality, a voice, and a unique tone that can separate you from the competition. Creating a strategy for how you want to be seen by users is crucial at the outset. Then, you can design your content and posting to reflect the personality you want portrayed.

All of this leads to proliferation of your brand’s name. Social media has the power to reach so many people, and by harnessing it with interesting posts and content that matters to your audience, your name will spread like wildfire. One person shares a post, 3 people retweet it, or hundreds +1 the content, and soon you’re business is in front of thousands. So take the time to invest in a social media marketing strategy.


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4 Reasons Small Businesses Hire Help for Social Media

shutterstock_130607561Handling your own social media presence to create sales growth for your business can truly be a full-time job, given the ongoing developments, the required knowledge, and the time it takes to handle it effectively. Fortunately, there are affordable social media companies out there that can handle all of your social media posting for you. There are many reasons why hiring someone to handle your social media makes a lot of sense, and here are a few of them:

1. Your time is money.
When your time is devoted to your social media marketing, this takes away from all the other aspects of your business that need your attention as a small business owner. How much is your time worth to you? And more importantly, what are you spending less time on (sales, business development, etc.) as a result of your time spent on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks? If you’re like most small business owners, the answers to those questions should help you decide to go in the direction of hiring an affordable social media manager.

2. Social media is ever-changing.
Do you have the time and interest to keep up with the latest developments for all your social media networks? Social media managers are dedicated to knowing the current trends and understanding the various dynamics of each network, from Twitter to Facebook to Google Plus. It’s their full-time job after all.

3. Not all networks are the same.
Not only are changes happening all the time, but each network is unique in its own way. What’s the difference between a comment, a post, and a message from someone on your Facebook page? How and when should hashtags (#) be used? What’s an @ mention, a DM, or an RT on Twitter? What if you make a mistake that causes your reputation to be in question by your followers?

4. It can save you money.
If you’ve looked around at online marketing firms lately, it might have turned you off on hiring a company to handle your social media. It’s not uncommon for a basic social media plan to cost $300-$900 a month. But there are alternatives that offer a high quality at a low price. And that will end up saving you money. Think about it – if you can make one more sale from the time you’re saving or land one more deal because you have a good social media presence, social media management can pay for itself.

Don’t underestimate the time and expertise you need to be effective with social media. There are low cost social media options out there. Sure it will cost you something, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. And allowing an expert to handle your social media is a small price to pay to free up your time to do what you do best – run and drive sales growth!


John Holling is the co-founder of Social Mojo, $99 Social, and the soon-to-be-launched Rock My Ads – a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads management service. John resides in the Phoenix, AZ area.