9 Keys to Writing a Good Cold Call Script

If you’re looking to boost the results you’re getting from prospects, there are many ways you can improve your cold call script.

1. Don’t say “How are you doing today?”
Your natural inclination as a sales person is to inquire how the prospect is doing at the start of the call in an attempt to sound friendly. However, your prospect knows nothing about you at this point in time and is reluctant to this approach. Don’t put them in a position of explaining how they’re doing to a complete stranger. In effect, you’re alienating yourself from the prospect, which is the opposite reaction you’re going for.

2. Confirm availability
Your prospects will always be busy, but if they’re really busy putting out fires at that moment, this isn’t the time to try to gain their attention for 2 to 5 minutes. Simply ask “Have I caught you in the middle of anything?” as part of your cold call script. This shows respect for their time and will help them open up.

3. Avoid sounding like a sales person
Your prospect’s guard will be at a medium level when they answer the phone, so be aware that anything you say will either increase or decrease that level. Sounding like a typical sales person will increase their guardedness and they will try to get rid of you quickly. Avoid this by minimizing product and company discussion at the start of your cold call script.

4. Make it all about them
Because we’re all a bit self-absorbed, formulate your call to focus on what you can do for them.

5. Encourage the prospect to talk
Focusing on the prospect is as simple as asking them questions in your cold call script, which will engage them in the conversation more and assist you in pulling out valuable information.

6. Ask pre-qualifying questions
When you pre-qualify the prospect, you can ask questions that extract information as to what’s happening on the prospect’s side. As a result, you also identify who they are and how they fit into the organization as well as the buying process.

7. Focus on the pain of the prospect
Solid pre-qualifying questions will uncover pain points that the prospect is experiencing at the moment. However,  the prospect might fail to provide you with the answer you want, so be sure to have a list of common pain points handy that many of your prospects or customers go through in your cold call script.

8. Keep the right goal in sight
It’s easy to come on strong and sell our products and services every time we chat with a prospect. However, the end result of a cold call should focus more on selling the next step in the sales process, which is usually an additional, more involved conversation, meeting or appointment before a purchase is actually made.

9. Build up interest
Yes, you must build up interest on the prospect’s side in your cold call script, but you only need to develop it enough to move on to the next stage of your sales process. Therefore, don’t go into too many details about your product and its features and functionality. Focus  on the value of your product, in particular the ROI, and share how your product differs from others out there currently. Make it clear the consequences to the prospect if they don’t make a change.

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Michael Halper

Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.

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