Copywriting “Mad Scientists” Affect Sales Growth

Crazy Mad Scientist InjectingThe goal of this five part guide is to connect the dots between good copywriting principals and sales growth. It may seem like a bunch of unnecessary rules to follow. In fact, everything in this series is scientifically proven.

The same technology that is learning new things about black hole gravitational waves and what our brain to flushes during sleep is also offering copywriting guidance. There seems to be no end to what these geniuses are able to reveal.

Sales growth is the result of implementing what has been learned about readability, usability and adapting to the reader audience. The good news is that only a small number of web content is using a fraction of what we know about the science of web content.

You have no reason to be intimidated by all the guidelines. Instead, just be aware that each move you make toward improving your written message to prospective customers increases your opportunity to grow your business.

Part 5 of the 5 Part Guide

Principals of Writing Effective Web Content
In this final part of the series, I will skim the top of some of the science of web writing. If you find the concepts interesting, I will point you to resources that will allow you to learn more. We will not go into much depth in this brief article.

The most knowledgeable usability expert I have found is Jakob Nielsen. He defines usability as “…a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use.” That sounds pretty simple. When you dig into the research done by his firm, the Nielson Norman Group, you will see it is far from simple.

This group of specialists is discovering:

• Specific eye patterns of the people who read your content
• The growing aversion to colorful, over-designed text boxes on web sites
• What can cause cognitive strain on the reader and decrease sales

You can find a lot of education about the psychology of buyers. My favorite site for learning about content psychology is Sean D’Souza’s The headline on his home page says it all: “Are you losing customers because you don’t know how the brain works?”

Clearly, Sean has harnessed knowledge about psychology that will lead to phenomenal sales growth. I must warn you…his site is addictive. You will learn things you never thought you would ever want to know about your customers and how they respond to your content.


Many principals of typography are intuitive – like limiting the number of colors and fonts used on a page. Other typography principals can become more complex.

• The self-described Usability Geek outlined his 12 Typography Guidelines here.
• An article in Smashing Magazine goes into detail about 11 different aspects of typography – from vertical rhythm to using a grid and more.

Like I said earlier, this level of knowledge is not at all required to experience sales growth in your business. In fact, if you let this type of thing stop you from trying to create sales conversion content, you will most surely lose.

Although copywriting is my profession, I am not able to incorporate everything in this series at all times. It is simply too much to remember …AND… unless you are a big corporation with deep pockets, it probably does not benefit you enough to even try to use it all.

The goal of this series is to give you an overview of what principals in copywriting can do to add to the sales growth of your company. Go back to Part 1 and begin working on powerful headlines. Contact me if you want more resources for learning about headlines. I have been a student of copywriting for more than a decade and I have a bunch of resources I use almost every day.

There is one thing that you can do best…much better than me. You know two things about your business that leads to writing for sales growth.

1. Your business, your industry, your products and services
2. Your customers, your sales leads, your prospects and their preferences

Use your knowledge of these two things you already know and start building your copywriting expertise from there. Let me know if I can help.

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