How to Find Pain with a Cold Call Script

When you create your cold call script specifically geared to finding out what the pain and challenges are for each prospect, you can vastly improve how you generate leads. However, it’s tough to uncover that pain in just one quick cold call. Take advantage of every second you have on the phone to reveal paint points. Check out these tips to improve your approach.

Use pre-qualifying questions to determine pain
It’s a good idea to come up with a short list of pre-qualifying questions you can ask to find out if there is a match and if there is even a point to chatting further. Determining the level of fit means your questions should connect back to the pain you wish to address. Apply the following situation to your cold call script, in regards to resolving errors that are happening with supplier-submitted orders.

How often do you find errors coming up with the orders you are submitting to vendors?

The bottom line is, if your prospect doesn’t currently experience pain that your services or products can assist with, there’s really no point in carrying on the conversation and wasting everyone’s time. They likely won’t buy anything from you because they don’t inherently need what you’re selling. Listing the pain points you intend to address when developing your script means you can create a question for each point to determine pain.

Sharing examples

What often ends up happening is that the prospect won’t share any pain with you after you’ve gone through your pre-qualifying questions. But don’t fret, as there is another method to use. Why not share some examples of pain that other customers have experienced and see if those examples resonate with your prospect?

This is what you can say within your cold call script:

I understand. Well, many of the operations managers I’ve talked to say there are lots of errors within orders due to the time consuming nature of reviewing them and the inability to efficiently order the correct amount of materials. Can you relate to that?

When you approach the situation this way, you are giving them examples and encouraging them to outright agree with you or at least acknowledge that they happen. You may get any number of answers, all of which originate from a simple yes or no. Got anything close to a positive response? Go with it right away and ask more specifics. Find out all you can about their specific situation and what pain they experience on a daily basis. By capitalizing on that immediately, you’re increasing your chance of building rapport.

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Michael Halper

Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.

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