Love to Sell - Learn to Really Care for Customers and Eliminate Stress and Frustration (Webinar Recording)

Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus, will bring his 20+ years of selling success to help sales leaders and sales people learn to put customers first and maximize happiness, sales and profits. You’ll learn…

  • Why even the best trained sales people are often frustrated and stressed out.
  • Why customers avoid sales people like the plague.
  • Simple techniques to build long lasting relationships of trust with customers
  • How to question and listen to TRULY understand your customers


Craig Klein

Craig Klein is CEO and Founder of, a leading web based customer Craig-Headshot1relationship management (CRM) and email marketing solution for sales teams. Craig’s passion is helping businesses grow. He believes that when businesses grow, employees, customers and families lives improve and communities thrive. Craig’s the author of “Grow Sales with Emails” and several other popular e-books. He is a contributor to Small Business Today Magazine and has appeared as a featured speaker at the Digital Marketer’s Email World 2013, the TEANA 2012 Conference and many other exhibitions and conferences. Read more from Craig here. Connect with Craig – @craigklein or on LinkedIn.

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