Sales Success with CRM Software as a Sales Coaching Device

The competence of your sales staff directly contributes to the success of your organization. As such, even the most well-thought-out strategies won’t work if your sales team can’t follow through in the best way they can. One problem you may be experiencing is a lack of sales coaching, which is what happens when salespeople do something vastly different than what they’re taught by their sales manager — who incidentally, is often a superior seller. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that they’re great at coaching a team. In addition, you are best off putting your most successful seller out in the field. This is where CRM software comes in to help gel the relationship between sales managers and salespeople.

Critical Teamwork

Thanks to CRM software, a new approach to sales coaching has arrived on the block, taking the “me” out of the process and adding back in the “team.” This is a good thing, as too many companies these days actually encourage competition within a sales team, which ultimately does nothing to hone essential sales skills that lead to whole-team success. With CRM software, all information pertaining to customers is kept in one place, where the sales team can look back at any customer conversation or transaction at any time. What this does is fosters an environment where people are encouraged to share. This also makes it easy for sales managers to hold team meetings in order to go over the quality of information that has been entered into the database, essentially focusing on the information at hand rather than on what individuals have contributed.

Equal Time for Equal Effort

Historically, sales coaching has focused on giving more training and attention to the worst salespeople rather than the best, with the mentality that the ones who need the most help should receive it to improve. This also in effect rewards the top sales team member for being the best. However, it has been proven time and again that this type of approach doesn’t garner results. For the highest level of effectiveness, all sales people should undergo equal amounts of training. Luckily, CRM software helps to streamline that process.

You can achieve this by designing a standardized template for collecting customer data, which ensures a level playing field for all your associates. This allows the sales manager to redirect their efforts of achieving success for the team as a whole. This makes it easy for everyone involved to get a snapshot of what is going on at any given time by viewing the dashboard, in effect forcing everyone to be invested in all aspects of the teamwork. Sales managers can ask for feedback from the team during meetings so that everyone’s on the same page.

Use CRM software as an ideal sales coaching device where you can tap into a centralized source of data to effectively train all team members.

Craig Klein

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