There’s No “I” in Team: The Big Benefit of CRM Software

Sales is akin to sports. Although traditionally viewed as an individual approach, sales teams feel like they must compete against each other, much like sports teams do, by focusing on what they can do individually rather than what they can all do together. CRM software brings that teamwork mentality back, providing a centralized area that breeds effective communication. As we all know, this is a crucial component to the success of any collaborative effort. Because buyers are changing, the sales process is taking longer. Why? Buyers want to feel like they are involved in the process and that they are fully knowledgeable about it before making the leap to purchase. Translation: sales teams must go with the flow and evolve in order to stay in tune with the buyer.

Nix the Lone Wolf Mentality

It’s no longer effective for each member of a sales team to have that lone wolf approach. In fact, it’s well known that sales tend to increase when colleagues forget about the intense competition and instead work together. An easy way to facilitate that is through CRM software, which helps teams share data about the customers they’re tracking. Sales staff should be keeping vast data on customer profiles, along with contacts with customers and what was exchanged. With this approach, team members know exactly where to start on the next exchange — there’s no guesswork. It helps if you look at your sales process like the sport of baseball. There’s no need for everyone to get that home run, right? In fact, this is unreasonable. Each member of a team brings something valuable to the game, whether that’s fielding, hitting or running. Play on those individual strengths to make the team stronger as a result.

Redefining the Sales Manager Role

With CRM software, the job of a sales manager becomes more involved in the overall process. It’s no longer acceptable for this person to stand back and observe each individual’s contribution. Rather, the sales manager should act as a coach, developing a solid team taking into account everyone’s pluses and minuses. This manager should be able to encourage brainstorming within the team to boost sales and use the information shared to move forward when facing a dilemma. Team members can use CRM software to track progress and make the overall experience more pleasant.

Morale of the Team

CRM software changes the temperature of the business in that you are accountable for every action you take, bringing collaboration to a whole new level. This leads to boosts in team morale, and we all know a pleasant work environment is a productive one. When there is no organization, miscommunication can result. With CRM software, though, each move within the organization is tracked, leading to streamlined information that’s easily found all in one spot. As a result, the chances for miscommunication are drastically reduced.

A positive sales team that communicates and collaborates with each other is the key to a well-oiled business, and CRM software is the catalyst for this.

Craig Klein

Craig Klein is CEO and Founder of, a leading web based customer Craig-Headshot1relationship management (CRM) and email marketing solution for sales teams. Craig’s passion is helping businesses grow. He believes that when businesses grow, employees, customers and families lives improve and communities thrive. Craig’s the author of “Grow Sales with Emails” and several other popular e-books. He is a contributor to Small Business Today Magazine and has appeared as a featured speaker at the Digital Marketer’s Email World 2013, the TEANA 2012 Conference and many other exhibitions and conferences. Read more from Craig here. Connect with Craig – @craigklein or on LinkedIn.

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