3 Types of Value Propositions

A solid value proposition is essential to successful sales. You may think there’s just one perfect value prop solution but the truth is, there are multiple solutions at your disposal. This means that the value you offer to your various buyers can differ from one another, just like you would assist a manufacturing business in a different way than you would a retail one, for instance. You can also offer various value types according to each individual circumstance. Here, we’ll go over the three different types of value that you can offer your clients, each one with its own potential value proposition statement encompassing components ranging from improved performance to inventory and labor decreases. As you work your way up through each one, you open up a whole new set of resources with which to work, increasing your solution offerings to your clients.

The three different platforms on which you can deliver value include technical, business and personal. Let’s discuss each one in detail:

1. Technical
Technical value, at the low end of the spectrum, include the benefits and improvements you can offer for a more seamless operation in areas ranging from processes to systems to people. Check out these examples of value at the technical level:

  • Assisting a company in saving valuable time
  • Automating a variety of manual procedures and tasks
  • Improving the overall performance and reliability of system, processes or people

2. Business
Value will emerge at the business level once a company begins to realize value at the previous level. This is evident in elements of cost, revenue and service at the business level. Examples of business level value include:

  • Increases in revenue, market share, close rates and customer satisfaction levels
  • Decrease in inventory, labor and goods sold costs, as well as product delivery times

3. Personal
The two previous values can continue to rise up the ladder and affect clients on a personal level. You’ll find these elements as they pertain to income, career and work environments. Value at the personal level can be seen in the following examples:

  • Increased bonuses, promotions and commissions
  • Recognition of solid performance
  • Decrease in workload and therefore stress
  • Better balance between work and life

Once you realize the value you can offer clients at all the distinct levels as above, you can move between them all to generate various versions of value propositions to fit a variety of needs. Combining the points once you’re comfortable with all three levels can open up new possibilities in growing your overall strategy and dealings with each company.

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Michael Halper

Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED, is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.

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